Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Bug Tunnel Defense: Names

(originally posted 25 May 2011)

The game had at least four names during development, that roughly trace the history of its design.

The earliest name or code name was ‘TT’, short for ‘towers and turrets’. The idea was there would be two sorts of weapons, tall and thin towers with further reach and short and fat turrets with heavier more damaging shots. The game project is at ‘~/Flash/TT’ because of this, and there are still two sizes of gun in the game, with the smaller ones with the longest reach, although there is no other reference to their height.

Soon after I added tunnels and the name became ‘tunnels, towers and turrets’, shortened to ‘tutotu’. This is still visible in the statistics as it was the name in use when I set them up, though I don’t think I ever thought the game would be called that.

The first proper name was ‘Bugz’, after I decided on the enemies. I liked this a lot, even making up art and icons based on it, but decided it wasn’t descriptive enough – it could be anything involving insects.

So ‘Bug Tunnel Defense’, to emphasise that it’s a defense game, to make it easier for fans of strategy games, especially tower defense games, to find it.

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