Monday, 2 April 2012

100th post

According to Blogger I've written ninety-nine posts to date, making this the one-hundredth, a good point to look back and review my progress so far. All of the lists are in date order. These are based on the tags but not exactly so, and there's some overlap with some posts linked more than once, so they don't add up to ninety-nine.

I should also mention my codes on Wonderfl; for more complex or extensive examples I would post them there then write about them in a post. In particular many of my shader posts and collision/dynamics posts have accompanying example there, so it serves as an index of some of my more substantial examples.

Now I've reached this point I'll be easing back on the schedule of posting, no longer posting every day/five days a week. Posts may get more substantial as I stop posting just a screenshot and paragraph and have more to write on any one topic.

Bug Tunnel Defense; on my last game, some re-posted from my last blog:
Design; far fewer posts than I expected on design related topics:
Screenshots; all from my current game, working name "Rings". I started posting these very early, days after I started work on the game, so they start off very primitive:
Links; to various sites I use and recommend:
Shaders; I started making shaders with Pixel Bender while working on this game, and these include discussions of those and experiments I did on Wonderfl:
Flex; while working on this game I started using Flex and recorded my progress with it:
Maths; on various two-dimensional mathematics topics:
Collisions; how to do collisions in two dimensions:

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