Thursday, 15 March 2012

New screenshot

A lot more circles in this one, and more colours, or at least it's making much more use of them. The game's not fundamentally different to last time, it's mostly a lot of subtle changes.

Update: another screenshot, below the fold, after another small change


  1. Mr. Blackburne,

    I am a student In highschool working on a math project depicting the life and works of Pythagoras. I came across an animation you had created on Wikipedia, but I'm having some issues attaching It to my "Glog". Firstly, I would like to ask of your permission to use this animation, and if you know any way I could incorporate it onto my project. Please email me at

    1. You can use any content on Wikipedia (I have used a few images from there on this blog) provided you properly attribute it, by mentioning that it is from Wikipedia or providing a link (or both). Wikipedia is a collaborative project and you do not need to credit individuals there.

    2. Thank you sir, I greatly appreciate your assistance.