Monday, 5 March 2012

New screenshot, Flex update

Another screenshot, with the newest additions called at the moment 'snakes'. As always none of this is final, with the colours easily changed by changing a single line. It doesn't show any actual gameplay.

I updated to Flex 4.6 on Saturday. As before I went straight to flex-config.xml to change the 'target-player' to 10.2. It immediately wouldn't build as it could not find playerglobal.swc for Flash version 10.2. I found where they can be downloaded from Adobe:

But the oldest version there is version 10.3, so that's what I'm using until I track down an earlier version. I also had to change 'static-link-runtime-shared-libraries' to true for it to build a working version, but otherwise it's no different. At least I'm now ready to target Flash 11 if I ever need to.

Edit: I found version 10.2 of playerglobal.swc in Flex 4.5.1 downloaded from here

So I can now target 10.2 again. It would have saved me time and Adobe bandwidth if this were included in Flex 4.6 or downloadable separately.

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