Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Bug Tunnel Defense release notes

I discussed these in detail on the blog I ran for Bug Tunnel Defense's release. Rather than repost those posts separately I'll summarise them, with links to the originals.

29 May 2011; Version 1.0
Initial release on sponsor's site,

8 June 2011; Version 1.1
Major new feature to highlight or showcase user levels on the main screen, as well as back-end changes to tag levels for highlighting or deletion (to remove duplicates mostly), and unlocking the vault much earlier.

10 June 2011; Version 1.1
The same version but on general release. I uploaded it to my own site, put it on Flash Game Distribution and on Newgrounds.

12 June 2011; Version 1.1.1
Fixing a couple of bugs.

19 June 2011: Version 1.1.k
A new version for Kongregate, but only with Kongregate related changes i.e. disabling all advertisements.

1 July 2011; Version 1.1.k
An update to get Kongregate stats working, in the vain hope I'd get some badges.

25 July 2011; Version 1.2
Kongregate level sharing added. Because of the way Kongregate's level sharing works I also needed to enable the editor and browser from the start.

28 July 2011; Version 1.2
A general release, i.e. a release with adverts for sites other than Kongregate, of version 1.2. Again the main change was to enable the editor and browser from the start.

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