Monday 21 May 2012

New shader, new screenshots

Not got much done this week for family reasons, but the things I did do are rather visual so easy to show off. First I changed the width and height of the game, to 640 x 480. This is not as that will be the final size (though having it non-square does make the gameplay a little more interesting), but more so I could track down any dependencies on the screen size that shouldn't be there. I want to be able to change two numbers and everything updates.

The other thing I did was write a new shader, actually a combination of two others, that desaturates and blurs the game, to be used for a 'fade out when paused' effect. It's a first pass at it so could be tweaked, or have more parameters exposed, if necessary.

As always static images don't really do it justice but the combination of it and the new (but probably temporary) aspect ratio mean they looks very different from previous screenshots.

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